The real truth about the Rapture of the Church. I report, you decide!

"The Rapture Manifesto
A Direct Revelation Reveals
the Exact Day When Jesus Will Return"

From: The Right Reverent Doctor Triber Lation I

Hello Friends and Readers of the "Kiss My Left Behind Series."

Are you tired of the rigor mortis that has set into your life after reading the endless books about the Coming of Jesus that are supposed to provide you with inside information to help you fly away from all your worries, debts, family, and work problems. If so, we have been truly left behind.

Well, look no further. I have been given the truth of the ages, truth not given to poser prophets of the ages, most recently folks like Rim TaRay, Perry Pennings, or Mal Ninsley.

God came to me in a whisk of light while I was sitting on the beach not far away from the other five thousand people trying to get out of the heat. In that moment of inspiration, I received theREAL, UNADULTERATED, NEVER BEFORE GIVEN TRUTH about flying away and leaving behind all the worries of this EVIL place.

The Rapture Manifesto

The Rapture Manifesto is the result of that chance meeting. It has his stamp of approval. He wants his word out. Not the words of the posers who have made their millions selling their fairy-tale stories.

Here is what you can only hear for thefirst time in all human history.

  • The real name of the Antichrist. I know you've heard folks like Nero, Ivan the Terrible, Hitler, Stalin, Mao Tse-tung, Henry Kissenger, Saddam, even Ahmadinejad, but I have been given the final word straight from the mouth of the one who rises with the sun.
    Details on Page #66.6
  • The actual date of the rapture of the church. No more of this fooling around with formulas that have never worked and talk of secret comings. Details on page, well, you'll just have to read the whole Manifesto. I was asked to hide the date in a code that even Da Vinci could not find.
  • How long will the millennium last?
    Details on page 100.0 close to the top of the page.
  • What is the truth about Armageddon? Details on the Armageddon page. When will the Second Coming actually occur? If you take the first "S" on the first page, and the first "e" on the second page and follow through the sequence of pages then add them up and divided them in half and to the half add fourteen and then take that number and multiply it by eleven, when you have arrived at this number you are almost home. To the last number you get, you must divided by three or was that two? Darn, there was a slight blur from all the light when I was getting this message. Shortcut: look on the TOC page and look for the Word Index. When you discover the Index page number, turn there and add up all the numbers in the first chapter, and then, the second chapter, and the fifth chapter. Add them all together and subtract the number of the fourth chapter and then the third chapter in that precise order. When you have followed this shortcut to the max, lookfor details on page 1 for the answer. I thought, why wait and build up all that suspense; just show and tell and get it over with.
  • Find out how things are going to get worse, much worse, as the present year proceeds according to all the signals that can be found in God's word and always missed by the prophetic posers.
    Details on Page #13
  • Discover how Global weather changes were predicted in the Holy Writ of Scripture long before the poser Gore became a global environmental crusader.
    Details on Page #200.0
  • I'll show you the one itsy-bittsy-tenny-wenny line of Scripture that predicted the schism around the Evangelical Call to Action.
    Details on Page #86
  • Get the straight scoop on what the Mark of the Beast and the Nation ID initiatives have in common.
    Details also on Page #66.6
  • Get the inside secrets about other highly prophetic themes like: Iran's nuclear program, Mass murder in Iraq, China's growing economic and military might, Global terrorism, The supply of oil, Russian Naval base in Syria, and, most importantly, all elections held in the United States.
    Details scattered throughout the book.
  • Learn how the first 69 weeks of Daniel's 70 week prophecy have passed.
    Details on page 69-70.
  • You may be amazed to know who really owns your moneyNOW as I reveal to you the demons behind the movement of the SBEBS (The Society Behind the Electronic Banking System).
    Details on page 7.


4 Horses of the Apoclypses Bonus #1

As a special bonus you will receive the real meaning of all those horses that John wrote about in his book.
A $1.01 value.

New Temple Plans Bonus #2

As a second bonus, I will reveal for the very first time in recorded history, the actual plans of the New Temple. I can only say it is much grander than Solomon's Temple could have ever been.
A $2.01 value.

Pew Warmers Mansion Bonus #3

A template to help you discover what your very own mansion is going to be like. Plans never before revealed. NOPE! Not the pew-warmer's mansion as seen to the left, but the real genuine mansion you will inherit.
A $.37 Value. This one will really impress your friends.

List of Notable Names Bonus #4

Get a list of the most notable names, big and small, of the poser predicters of the tribulation, so you will know who to avoid.
A $.01 Value.

New Formula Bonus #5

A completely new formula that helps you tear up the sequence of the Bible and put it together again in a way that reveals to you the plain truth about the sequence of events that will end the world and how God can hardly wait for them to take place.
A $1.33 Value.

Left Behind Names Bonus #6

An exact list of all those who will be Left Behind.
A $1.93 Value.

Fundamentalist Finder Bonus #7

As a final bonus, I will provide you with theFundamentalist Finder. A special measuring tool that I discovered in a short meeting with the Apostle Paul on the shore that bright sunny day. This tool helps you measure every person's belief system so you can separate those pesky fundamentalists from the pack.Priceless!

Total value of ALL bonuses: $6.66

PLUS: 666 Unannounced Bonuses

*You will be provided a link to all these bonuses and some unannounced bonuses after you
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